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Catholic Life

Living in Faith

As a Catholic school, Jesus Christ remains central to every aspect of school life.  All pupils are educated in the beliefs and devotional practices of the Catholic church. Participation in daily collective act of worship remains at the helm of every morning and afternoon session, within RE lessons and at the end of each day.

The Catholic RE scheme ‘Living and Growing as the People of God’ is followed throughout the school. This is supplemented by work on the saints and stories from the Old and New Testaments, Circle time sessions and Personal, Social and Health Education through the use of Ten:ten. Children participate in special liturgies during the school year which are timed to coincide with events in the Church’s calendar.

Our parish priest, Fr Jan, works closely with school staff and families, to prepare Year 3 pupils for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, whilst pupils in Year 6 prepare for Confirmation.

Relationships and Family Life (Sex Education) is taught formally in all classes through the use of Ten:ten and is integrated into Science and RE. Parents and carers are advised that, in desiring a Catholic education for their child, it is expected that all pupils will participate in RE lessons. Parents and carers have the right to withdraw their children, from lessons linking to Sex Education, although this is strongly discouraged, but may be required to supervise their children during this period, if adult supervision is not available.

All pupils learn about other religions and cultures in our special program for other faiths and are encouraged to show respect and acknowledgement for the beliefs of others through open discussion and shared experiences.

During Lent and Advent, liturgies take place during and after school. These prayer group sessions are led by staff and pupils, whilst after-school prayer sessions are led by teachers with the support of a parish Catechist and pupils. 

Our Parish 

Our school plays an active part in the life of the parish of St Augustine’s. Children at St Augustine’s attend Mass termly where the children take an active part in the liturgy.

Our parish priest Fr Jan is seen regularly within the school and plays a very active part in the catholic life of the school.

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The Liturgical Year

At St Augustine's we are devoted to giving our children an immersive experience of the Liturgical year. We do not just talk about it, we live it. Each special time has a series of liturgies dedicated to the Church Year. We also explore the liturgical year through our Class Liturgies, RE lessons and daily life. We challenge our children to recognise the signs and symbols of these special times. 

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