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Partners in Prayer 

We have many partners in our journey of faith.

We are a proud part of our parish family.

We are a proud part of our MAC family. 

We are a proud part of our Diocesan family. 

Our Parish Partners 


Father Kaz 

At St Augustine's our community feels privileged to be lead by Father Kaz. He is inspiring and profound within his faith and eager to be in school with our children whenever possible. Father Kaz often delivers special sessions for our children. These have included vocational presentations, vestment presentations, community events and talks for our children partaking in their Sacraments. We love celebrating Mass with Father Kaz, he has a wonderful connection with the children. 

Father Jan

Father Jan has supported our community in some wonderful celebrations of Mass. The children have shared their love of his fantastic sermons. We are happy to have him as a brilliant partner in our faith. 

Deacon Trevor (retired) 

Deacon Trevor is now retired. However, he has worked closely with us over many years and our children look to him as a inspiration. We love seeing him at our celebrations of Mass. 

Our Parish are very important to us. The parishioners are role models to our staff and children. We seek opportunities to give and receive support from our Parish wherever we can. 

Mass Times 

Our MAC Partners

St Augustine's is proud to be a part of a MAC. Working as a wider community of the Church for the children in our schools. 


Our MAC Community is built up of 5 schools. We share a common purpose which we are all profound and fearless in committing to. To help our children grow as the children on Christ. Working as His hands, we are united together so that our pupils are supported to serve others and achieve their full potential in a caring, safe and secure environment.

MAC Mission Group 

Our children and teachers are a part of our MAC Mission Group. We collaborate on meaningful experiences where our children can come together. Our children also lead meetings to share their own ideas which have resulted in some incredible spiritual events for all of our children. We are extremely proud of our MAC partners. They are our inspirational brothers and sisters in Christ. 

As a MAC we collaborate on many experiences which include; Staff and children retreats, Liturgical events including Lent and Advent focused partnership work, inset day liturgies, training and developing pupil leadership. We are very proud to have our own MAC hymn, written by the children of our schools. 

Images of our partnerships in Prayer

Year 5 Advent Retreat

Our children joined a virtual Advent retreat. Although we cannot physically be together, we were together in Christ. We made a 'together wreath', prayed and made cards for our families. It helped us to learn more about ourselves so that we are ready for Christ's  coming. 

Mac Community Lenten Teacher's Retreat

It is vital that our teachers have time for retreat with God too. Our schools had an open prayer evening. We welcomed our own staff as well as the staff from the MAC. We had many reflective prayer activities available with a relaxing space lit up with Christ's light. Staff were free to participate, relax and listen to the calming music. This was a special evening for the staff. Time with God. 

We Share in the Stations of the Cross as a MAC Mission Group

Each school had 3 stations. We created a spiritual scene for each and displayed them for our parents and children from within the MAC Community in our Lenten Liturgy. Our children wrote a song called 'Veronica's song' we also said poetry and sang our Mac Mission Song. We loved sharing this with our wider community. It is a sad and serious time, but also special. Soon Jesus will rise. When Easter arrives. Our sins are taken away. For He is the sinner's savior. 

We Walked the Stations of the Cross

All of our classes journeyed through the Stations of the Cross with our Paris Catechists. We sang a song in between each station - the children helped to write this. 'We adore You, we praise You and by Your cross we are redeemed, Jesus. We adore You we praise You, and by Your Cross we are redeemed. Our sins are washed away.' So special, so reflective. 

MAC Schools welcome Rise Theatre 

As a MAC Mission group, all of our schools welcomed the Rise Theatre Company. We learnt so much about our gifts and talents and the miracle that is us. 

Representative from the Food Bank

A Stoke Foodbank representative told us lots of information about how important the food that we have donated will be. We were shocked by the difference that our large donation was making. The representative commented on how well we sang our mission statement and how acts like this mean that we are living it. 

Father Kaz Blessed the Food for the Food Bank 

Father Kaz blessed the food offerings from our families. Mr Griffin (chair of our board of Governors) spoke about the importance of these charitable acts as a part of our vocation and following in the footsteps of Christ. 


We partook in a beautiful time of Adoremus with the support of Father Kaz. We adore and we praise You oh Lord. 

Very proud of our Holy Communion Children

Our Children were prepared and supported through the help of our Parish partners. 

St. Thomas More Retreat

Year 4 joined the other schools in the MAC at St. Thomas More for a Retreat day. The children explored the stations of the cross and what Lent meant to them. The children enjoyed the activities and it gave them an opportunity to reflect. 


KS2 took part in Adoremus and Benediction via live feed with Archbishop Bernard Longley. We then joined with our Parish Community in church and took part in Adoration of  the Blessed Sacrament. It was so wonderful to kneel before Christ and a truly spiritual moment. 

Our Day of Prayer

A Day of Prayer for Vocations was held in school last year. This involved the school and parish community gathering together for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We turned our library into a ‘tabernacle’ for the day to receive Jesus. Take a look at our photographs capturing the day. It was a wonderful experience…