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Values and Virtues

“My question for you is this: What are the qualities you see in others that you would most like to have yourselves? What kind of person would you really like to be?”

Pupil Voice - This is what our MAC Mission Group said.


Jesuit Pupil Profile 

We follow the Jesuit Pupil Profile. With our faith-filled community as a strong foundation to Children, we watch them grow and flourish as they build their values and virtues. We focus on two of the Values and Virtues each half term. Our spiritual leaders from each class present a certificate to those taking action through these in our Gather and Celebrate Liturgy at the end of each week. 

Values and Virtues for 2020-2021 

Autumn 1 Curious & Active
Autumn 2 Intentional & Prophetic
Spring 1 Grateful & Generous
Spring 2 Attentive & Discerning
Summer 1 Compassionate & Loving
Summer 2 Faith-filled & Hopeful

Values and Virtues - Spring 2

Attentive and Discerning

Pupils are growing to be attentive to their experience and to their vocation; and discerning about the choices they make and the effects of those choices.
What does this mean?
We  help our pupils grow by promoting the practice of attentive reflection and discerning decision making: in teaching, in the examen, prayer and retreats; and through the practice and example of school leaders and staff.



We share these values through the Gospel:



Other Bible Scripture to Explore linking Attentive and Discerning 

The call of Samuel (1 Samuel 3: 1-10)

No one knows the day and hour (Matthew 25:36-44)

The Prodigal Son/The Forgiving Father (Luke 15: 11-32)

Call of Zacchaeus  (Luke 19:1-10)

The conversion of the thief on the cross (Luke 23:32-46)

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