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Religious Education


As a Catholic school, Jesus Christ remains central to every aspect of school life. All pupils are educated in the beliefs and devotional practices of the Catholic Church. Participation in daily collective act of worship remains at the helm of every day. Mass takes place in school weekly with parents, families and parishioners warmly welcomed.

The Catholic RE scheme ‘Living and Growing as the People of God’ is followed throughout the school. This is supplemented by work on the saints and stories from the Old and New Testaments, Circle time sessions and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Children participate in special liturgies during the school year which are timed to coincide with events in the Church’s calendar.

Our parish priest, Father Jan, works closely with school staff and families.
Parents and carers are advised that, in desiring a Catholic education for their child, it is expected that all pupils will participate in RE lessons.

All pupils learn about other religions and cultures and are encouraged to show respect and acknowledgement for the beliefs of others through open discussion and shared experiences.

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Post First Holy Communion Reflection

Our wonderful First Holy Communion children would like to share their reflection with you.

Home Learning

There are many areas of learning you could Explore with your children at home. Below are some lessons you could partake in with your child.

Click here for St Chad's Cathedral Birmingham.

Click here for ideas and resources for Prayer at Home. 

Click here for access to Catholic Life

Year 1 

Easter Resources 

Pentecost Resources 

Sharing Jesus' Life 

Following Jesus Today

Year 2 

Easter Resources

Pentecost Resources 

The Church 

The Mass 

Year 3

Easter Resources

Pentecost Resources 

The Eucharist


Year 4 

Easter Resources

Pentecost Resources 

Sharing in the Light of Christ

The Church Community and Special Responsibilities

Year 5 

Easter Resources

Pentecost Resources 

The Work of the Aspostles

Marriage and Holy Orders 

Year 6 

Easter Resources

Pentecost Resources 

Celebrating the Lives of Mary and the Saints 

Belonging to the Church Community


 A KS2 Multi-Faith Learning Project

Follow the link below for a brilliant multi-faith KS2 project based around designing a multi-faith prayer room for an airport. 

Click here to access resource 


Ramadan Home Learning Resources 


What is Ramadan?
Ramadan is a month-long period of fasting, prayer, and spiritual reflection. Ramadan is observed by 1.8 billion Muslims around the world.It is one of the biggest religious events on the planet. During Ramadan, followers of Islam are forbidden from eating or drinking during daylight hours.

When is Ramadan?
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The exact dates of Ramadan vary from year to year because the Islamic calendar is governed by the phases of the moon.

Watch and research
There are many video clips online that you could watch to find out more about Ramadan.

On this link there is a video clip about Islam, a fact page, images and an online quiz.

On this link there is a video clip about Ramadan, a fact page and images.

On this link there is video clips and information about Ramadan from
last year.

Create your own fact file or quiz. You could even do a family quiz.

Read, share and create

This beautiful children’s book features a Muslim family as they observe the month of Ramadan. The story shows some of the key aspects of this religious event, such as fasting, praying and giving to charity.

Can you think of any special occasions or celebrations you have shared with your family? Can you draw a picture of your family celebrating a special day? In the story, Rameena and her family visit a mosque . Can you create your own model of a mosque? You may wish to look at some pictures to help you. You could use playdough, paper or card, construction toys or empty cardboard tubes, boxes and sticky tape. During Ramadan, Rameena and her family helped other people. Can you think of different ways you could help other people or help at home?

Design and create Create your own Ramadan Moon and Star decoration. Use the link below for equipment and instructions or design and create your very own moon and star art work.

Mindfulness colouring pages

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