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Prayer at Home 

Here you will find resources for RE and Prayer at home.

This page is updated weekly to provide you with meaningful resources and services that run alongside our liturgical year. 

Come, immerse yourself and your loved ones in the presence of God. We are a community, God's family, gather with us now....

One of  our families gathered some natural materials to make crosses from their garden to reflect upon the great Sacrifice of our Lord. 

Holy Week - KS2 Stations of the Cross - St Augustine's Reflection 

Click the image below to download a version of our own school stations of the cross reflection. You can click start on the PowerPoint and it will play all the way through. 

Holy Week - Stations of the Cross MAC Reflection 


Please play the video below to watch the Station of the Cross reflection created by children from St Augustine's as well as the other schools within our MAC - All Saints Catholic Collegiate.  

Raising Money for Charity 

As a school, we have talked in classes and came up with some exciting ideas for how we plan to raise money for the Father Hudson's Trust! We are planning a 'Mighty Missionaries Pilgrimage!' We will answer you God, we will take up our vocation! 

Click here to see the fantastic charity that we are going to be raising money for; Father Hudson in the Good Shepherd Appeal.

Values and Virtues Lenten Liturgy- Fully narrated and includes hymns and reflective questions. 

This week our whole school shared in a vocational liturgy based on our new Values and Virtues of Attentive and Discerning. Gather, listen, sing vocational hymns and consider charity in this Lenten time of almsgiving, fasting and prayer. 

Click on the liturgy image below to download the fully narrated liturgy to share with your family. 

Ash Wednesday Liturgy - Narrated and includes Ash Wednesday Hymn 'Return to God'

This Liturgy was delivered live to all Classes in the week leading up to Half term.

Be ready for the beginning of Lent by sharing in this Liturgy with your Family. 

Click on the image to download. 

A Video for our Community 

This video was shared with local Care Homes and our Parish Community. It spread some wonderful cheer for those who could not go to see Christmas singing this year. We know this year has been different, but we continue to work 'as the hands of Christ' to serve our community. 

Advent services and Liturgies

Links and videos to services and liturgies created by our very own children can be accessed below. Lead by our children, you will experience prayer as a community. They are wonderful for moments to reflect with God and look toward the future. 

Year 4 'Awake, Awake' Advent Service

Year 3 'Prepare!' Liturgy for the Start of Advent

Year 1 and 2 'Everybody Loves a Baby' 

Press the image below to watch a special message from Archbishop Bernard as we continue to think about Advent and also get ready for the birth of baby Jesus on Christmas Day. God bless to you all!

Pray together with Year 4 during our Harvest Festival Liturgy

Thank you for helping us raise so much food to help those in need!

Food Bank and Harvest Thanks Giving to God 

We are collecting for the Stoke food bank and our very own school food bank. This is so important for so many people, especially right now. Saying prayers at home for all of the incredible people that make this happen would be wonderful. Also keep in your prayers those who rely on this very important service. God bless. 

Follow the link below to watch a video all about the Stoke Food Bank



At home you could think about your own vocation. What does God call you to do? 


Praise through song

Our very own Mrs Davies has created a virtual hymn practice. See below 

'Learn the actions to Be Still for the Presence of the Lord.  

One Life Video Liturgy 

Dan and Emily from One Life Music have kindly recorded some liturgy for you at home. You will be able to access them through the link below:

Click here for the first One Life Liturgy

Click here for the second One Life Liturgy

Click here for the third One Life Liturgy 

Click here for the Fourth One Life Liturgy

Click here to access the One Life Website 

Ten:Ten Sunday Family Liturgies and Daily Prayers

This incredible resource is updated each week to give new liturgies and prayers! 

Ten Ten is offering all schools the opportunity to access FREE prayer resources for the home.

Resources include: 

  • Sunday Liturgy for Families - an opportunity for families to lead their own Sunday liturgy following the order of the Mass, leading to 'Spiritual Communion'.


  • Daily Prayers for Home - daily prayers rooted in the Sunday Gospel for families to pray together.


Click here to access Ten:Ten Sunday Liturgy for Families. 


Click here to access Ten:Ten Daily Prayers for Home.

Other Prayer Resources

RE Learning and Fun at Home