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Year 6


Welcome to 2020/2021

A warm welcome to the new academic year in Year 6. Please visit this page regularly to keep up to date with information, learning or general reminders.

The children have made a wonderful start and are beginning to take on the roles and responsibilities in preparation for their transition to high school next year-believe us when we say this will be here in a flash!

If you have not yet begun the process of applying to high school then please do. Our MAC high school, St Thomas More, guarantees EVERY child a place who attends our MAC primaries. It is imperative that St Thomas More is named on your application form so all pupils from St Augustine's are settled into a successful high school that is accessible to them in time for September 2021. 

Shortly, we will share the newly appointed Head Boys and Girls whose roles will take on a different format as we find new ways of working across the school that are safe and in-line with guidance. All pupils in Year 6 will have a leadership role to further develop essential skills such as: presenting to an audience, speaking and listening,  organisation, maintaining routines and working together. 


Homework and PE

Homework is set, using our online portals, every Monday. This should be 'virtually' handed in before the following Monday morning when the learning will be closed. We use Purple Mash, TT Rockstars and to provide learning that supports essential knowledge for Key Stage 2 and links to consolidation of classroom learning. All children in Year 6 are familiar with these sites and have logins for these.

In Autumn 1, PE will be every Monday. Children must wear the correct PE kit, especially as much of this will take place outside.

In Autumn 2 our PE coaches, ASM, will deliver PE on a Thursday.


Extended School

It is wonderful to see our Year 6 engaging in our catch-up provision after school.  This is providing essential knowledge and skills, from the Year 5 curriculum, that they have missed during their time away from school. The children will need this learning to enable them to access the Year 6 themes and transition to high school with all concepts secure.

Parent Workshops

Throughout the year we hold several parent workshops to enable our families to find out information and ask questions about aspects of Year 6 and the learning. Our first workshop was all about transition to high school and KS2 SATs. There is so much more to Year 6 than SATs so we feel it is important to reassure families early on so we can then get on with the process of being fabulous leaders of the school and preparing for the transition to high school! All pupils in St Augustine's are guaranteed a place at our MAC high school - St Thomas More - so it is very important that this is part of your choice list when applying for your place.

Please see below for our virtual presentation, held on 7.10.2020, and a huge thank you to the families that joined us via their child's Teams account and for your patience with our little IT glitch at the beginning! 

Welcome from the staff in Year 6...

Year 6 2019/20 

Welcome back to some of our Year 6  pupils-we are very happy to see you safe, well and back in school. We will be helping you to recover learning, catch up on missed learning and get ready for the important transition to high school, however that may look when September arrives. 

For others in our Year 6 cohort, it would be lovely to see you back soon. In the meantime, we hope that you continue to stay safe and well at home and know that we are thinking of you also.  


During this phased return to school, some provision for your learning will slightly change:

Year 6 in school will have lessons taught by the Year 6 team and access homework via the portals listed below.

Year 6 not yet in school will also access the same homework via the portals listed below. In addition to this, we have provided a link to the Government's online school 'Oak Academy', which provide daily lessons that can be accessed at any time of the day. They follow a scheduled timetable that can also be found by following the link.


The homework websites being used are: 

Purple mash


The Year 6 'at home' learning portal:

'Oak Academy' lessons for Year 6

'Oak Academy' Year 7 lessons-greater challenge


All pupils should regularly access TT Rockstars to maintain fluency in number:




Click here for RE prayer and learning resources.


If your child is having difficulty accessing any of the sites listed, they can contact their teacher via Purple Mash during the school day.

Please note that the curriculum overview for the summer term is attached it at the bottom of this page. This will show you what the children should have been learning during the time. Please go to each subject page for links to ideas for your child or alternatively, click here for a short cut: Curriculum link

Class Teachers 

Mrs L. Brown




During the phased return of schools, homework will be set on a Monday for return the following Monday. Math and Grammar will be set, including an activity on We will give feedback, where necessary, through the Purple Mash and the linked email facility.



Your child is expected to bring their PE kit at the start of every week, this consists of a pair of black shorts a plain, white top and a pair or trainers or pumps. Where weather is permitting, we will complete PE outdoors so they may need an outdoor kit (black/navy tracksuit bottoms and hoodie/jacket). Please be aware that girls will not be allowed to wear their tights for PE and will need a pair of socks to change into. Earrings will not be allowed in for PE. If your child is unable to take out the earrings, then they will not be allowed to take part in the PE sessions. PE will be taught twice every week in conjunction with our ASM coaching partners. 



Children should continue to engage in regular reading. Those children in school will have access to our Accelerated Reader program, unfortunately we do not have the facility to extend this into the home. If there are any issues with this, please speak to one of the staff members from Year 6. 


Year 6 - Planning and Overviews

 Year 6 - Long Term Plan.docxDownload
 Year 6 Curriculum Overview - Autumn Term 19-20.docDownload
 Year 6 Curriculum Overview - Spring Term 19-20.docDownload
 Year 6 Curriculum Overview - Summer Term 19-20.docDownload
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