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Year Five - Class Saint Josephine Bakhita 

A very warm welcome to Year Five, where we work together as the hands of Christ to support our spiritual and educational journey. Here you will find lots of information about our learning and achievements!

Meet the Teachers

Mrs. Goldson

Mrs. Stokes

Mrs Swift

Autumn Term

We begin our Year 5 journey learning about Space and Forces in Science, focussing on the Solar System, the phases of the moon and day and night. They will investigate gravity, air resistant and friction. Watch this space for our experiments! In Geography we will then focus on identifying countries and comparing (in detail) North America to the UK. For example, how is tourism different? In History, the children will explore the changing role of the British Monarchy, from its establishment in 1066 to the Tudors and Queen Victoria.  Art lessons will delve deeper into the Tudor period creating portraits in the style of Hans Holbein. English texts and learning will focus around the topics above, giving the children an immersive experience and chance to deepen their understanding across the curriculum.  In Maths, we will cover: Place Value, Addition & Subtraction, Measure and Statistics. RE lessons will focus on Creation and the Sacrament on the Sick before studying Jesus' parables/miracles and the Holy Season of Advent. The children will be sewing you a Christmas decorations as part of their D.T!

Spring Term 

Science looks at properties and change of material, for example, liquids, solids and gases.  The children will investigate magnetism, conductivity, dissolving, evaporation and much more! History will then focus on the Industrial Revolution. Why was this a turning point in British History? William Morris will be explored through our Art lessons and we will use printing techniques to design wallpapers.  In Geography lessons, children will contemplate the theme 'Enough for Everyone?'. Thinking about their carbon footprint and the distribution of resource around the world. They will then make a plant based bolognese in DT to end their environmental studies.  Once again, English work will allow children to dive deeper into their understand of the learning above. In Maths, we will cover Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Time, Fractions, Statistic and Geometry. RE themes include the celebrations of Christmas and Baptism and the season of Lent and Holy Week. 

Summer Term

Year 5 Science concludes with Animals (including humans) and Living things and their habitats. They will compare life cycles of a range of animals, changes from birth to old age in humans and reproduction of plants and a range of animals. Mapping skills and field work will make up our final Geography lessons focussing on land use and farming in the UK before moving onto History. In History we will analysis the impact of Industrial Revolution on the Potteries. Watch this space for local visits! Alongside this theme  in Art, the children will be creating sculptures in the style of Denis O'Connor, who has created many of the sculptures you will find around Stoke-on-Trent. The class will finish the year with an Engineering project! English texts and learning will focus around the topics above, giving the children an immersive experience and chance to deepen their understanding across the curriculum.  Maths will cover percentages, fractions and re-cap of all previous learning. RE work begins with Easter and Pentecost, then moves onto the work of the Apostles, Marriage and Holy Orders. 


Home Learning 

Homework is set, using our online portals, every Monday. This should be 'virtually' handed in before the following Monday morning when the learning will be closed. We TT Rockstars and Maths Factor to provide learning that supports essential knowledge for Key Stage 2 and links to consolidation of classroom learning. All children in Year 5 are familiar with these sites and have logins for these. Please use Dojo if you need password reminders. Spellings are also tested and re-set on a Monday. Weekly spelling lists are sent home in the red book and tests are completed at the back to keep parents updated on the results!


Children are encouraged to read at home 5 times a week and they read in class at every opportunity.  Please message,  when your child has read, on Class Dojo so that we can monitor their progress and growing passion for reading!

Pupils can access Accelerated Reader, to quiz on their books, from home by clicking the link below:

Accelerated Reader

Additionally, the following link will take pupils to an online library of which around 850 books are also part of the Accelerated Reader quizzing portfolio. 

Texts for the whole school


PE and Music

We are extremely proud of our P.E. and Music provision at St. Augustine's - we dedicate Tuesday's to Music and Thursday's  to PE!  Teachers work alongside expert sports coaches to provide our PE lessons. In Music, we work alongside professionals from the City Music School and In Harmony, so that every child can play an instrument as part of an orchestra. 

The children will need to wear P.E. kits every Thursday consisting of black/navy joggers/shorts, the school logo PE shirt and school jumpers and school shoes throughout the day. Indoor or outdoor shoes to be brought in each week depending on the topic. Topics will be shared on Dojo.  Earrings must be removed for PE. 


Young Graduates

All children have provision until 4pm everyday following the normal end to the school day at 3.15pm. These sessions are providing the children with essential knowledge and opportunities to consolidate aspects in the curriculum. The sessions will help children to become more confident in the required skills and understanding. The children will continue to work on their English and Maths, but will also have the opportunity to take part in some sports related activities to develop their socio-emotional skills as well as support general mental well-being. Children in Year 5 can attend the following; 

Monday - Core Curriculum. Come along to up-level your Maths and English / Care Club

Tuesday - Orchestra / Care Club

Wednesday - Care Club

Thursday - Care Club

Friday - Stoke City Football / Care Club


Click here for RE prayers and learning resources.


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