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Lunchtimes at St. Augustine’s Catholic Academy

‘Here at St. Augustine’s every child is a unique individual; we celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. That is why at lunchtimes, we provide opportunities to engage learning through healthy and active play.  We believe that lunchtimes are a vital path in a child’s educational journey and our school provides a fun, stimulating and active lunchtime so that children will never forget that engaging, happy environment with the use of their free time.’

Welcome to our Midday Team

Mrs. S Thys

Mrs. A Walker

Mrs. J Povey

Ms. D Hughes

Miss S Bryan

Miss S Crawford

Miss H Blowers

Miss A Griffin


Lunchtime Procedures

In accordance with our Behaviour policy, children are encouraged to demonstrate manners and courtesy in the hall at all times and model good behaviour towards one another. Children are expected to remain seated whilst eating and speak quietly at the table. The midday team guide the children around the dining hall and assist by being an example at the dinner table for example, how to cut their food, how to hold a knife and fork and using their manners. During the playground, children are provided with a range of activities, which they are responsible for to collect and put away. All pupils are expected to show appropriate care and respect for school property and equipment.

Lunch times are:

EYFS: 11:45am - 12:45pm

KS1: 12:00pm – 1:00 pm

KS2: 12:00pm – 1:00 pm (if children are swimming)

        or, 12:15pm – 1:15pm (if children are not swimming)


Adult Led Games

Our midday team provide adult led games to provide a progression of transferable skills, knowledge and expertise. This is so children are being stimulated, are being creative but with the encouragement of learning new and exciting things. Games include, Hockey, Table Tennis, Football and a favourite at the moment; Rock, Paper, Scissor Hoooop!  

Children also have the toys to play with that are not included in the adult led games for example, skipping ropes, stilts, tennis ball and bats, balance boards, Connect Four and the famous boom box! The boom box is out three times a week (weather permitting), with the supply of pom poms, to dance along to the latest music and dance craze. Our Midday team love finding out new dance moves from our children although, I cannot say they are good at them!

Sadly, due to our lovely British weather, not every lunchtime has the sunshine to support these activities so children would have indoor play. During wet play, children are provided with a ‘wet play box’ with games and activities to occupy them. Also, middays play games with the children for example, Heads down Thumbs up and Fish and Chips.


Themed Lunches

At St. Augustine’s, we try our very best to celebrate lunchtimes for different occasions. The City Catering Staff kindly provide a themed lunch for a themed occasion for example, Mother’s Day and  Father’s Day, (children can sit with a member of their family for these two occasions) Easter, Chinese New Year, Christmas but most recently we excitedly celebrated Saint John Henry Newman becoming a saint and shared a buffet party lunch together.

Please can we ask that you keep the school office updated on any allergy updates, regarding your children that we may need to know.  Feel free to contact us with any queries regarding lunchtimes. Thank you.