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Science lessons are planned in units which are taught over a half-term period. There is a strong emphasis on investigative learning, with pupils working collaboratively, undertaking practical activities, discussing their work and drawing their own conclusions from their results. Health and Safety Education forms an essential part of the science curriculum.


Science is also taught across the curriculum through the use of STEM. 

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through STEM, students develop key skills including: problem solving, creativity and critical analysis.
Using STEM the children are able to increase their experiences both outside the classroom through exploring and hands experiences and inside the classroom by partnering up with professionals involved in STEM careers where appropriate. 

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Home Learning

Please click on the links below to find Home Learning resources linked to our curriculum for the Spring Term.


Year 1 – The Human Body. What are the 5 senses? How do you use them? 

Year 2- Living things and their habitats. What is a food chain? Can you create your own? 

Year 3- Forces and Magnets. Pick to objects from around the home this could be a car and a pencil. Compare how they move on different materials such as carpet or grass.

Year 4 -States of Matter. Find some objects around your home, is this a solid, liquid or a gas? Make a list.

Year 5 - Living things and their habitats. Can you create the life cycle for a bird and a mammal, explain the differences. 

Year 6 -  Light. How does light travel and how do we see it?


Science should be fun, investigative and engaging.  There is nothing quite like getting out there and investigating the world around you, but there are also many interactive tools that can be used to help develop children's understanding.  Please click some of the links below:

Interactive Games

BBC Bitesize Science KS1

BBC Bitesize Science KS2