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St. Augustines' offers exceptional opportunities for pupils to access a range of physical activities.  Alongside teachers delivering high quality skills based lessons,  children are also given the opportunity to access alternative sports within the curriculum, such as tri golf, fencing, yoga, archery and lacrosse. As well as promoting physical fitness and well-being with the children, the school also works closely with the families and offers active family sessions.

To enhance pupil participation, PE Leaders and Play Leaders play a key role in our curriculum. Children are keen to share their thoughts for the development of the PE provision throughout the school day. They also help staff to lead healthy lunch time activities and help to  lead our weekly morning boot camp for families and children.  PE Leaders also help to organise any inter house competitions across our Multi academy.

All pupils in year 5 and year 6 have the opportunity to complete cycling proficiency and road safety courses. As part of the extended schools provision, all pupils may access pupils sporting/well-being activities including, football, athletics, tag rugby, cross-country, tri golf, ballet, yoga and many more. There is a school football team, which competes within our MAC and local school league of 'Longton'.  All pupils from Y3 -Y6 will take part in swimming lessons over the year. 

 We look forward to getting back to swimming and competing when the current Covid restrictions are lifted. 

Please see the bottom of the page for the National Curriculum and St Augustines' Long Term Plan for PE 2020/ 2021. 


PE Kit and PE Days

All children are expected to take part in PE lessons to improve fitness and stamina; therefore, it is really important that children have their kits in school.  PE kit consists of a white top, black shorts/black tracksuit bottoms and trainers or pumps.

Children may have PE sessions outside so a black tracksuit may be worn, this needs to be plain with no large emblem on it (a small sports logo is fine). Black school hoodies (with the school logo on) can be purchased from Trutex, children can wear them for PE lessons, sporting events and after school clubs. 

 Currently we are asking children to arrive at school in winter outdoors PE kits on the day of their PE lesson.





Year 1

Monday and Thursday   

Year 2

Monday and Friday   

Year 3

Wednesday and Thursday 

Year 4

Wednesday and Friday

Year 5

Monday and Thursday  

Year 6

Wednesday and Friday 


Summer Term PE

All children have 2 hours of PE a week. 1 lesson to learn and practise a new skill and a further lesson to apply this skill. For example, children will learn passing drillings in football before applying this to using tactics in a game situation. Below please find themes for this term and links to further support your learning at home. 

Year 1: Athletics                                      Year 1: Judo

Year 2: Games                                       Year 2: Judo

 Year 3: Fencing                                     Year 3: Games

Year 4: Dance                                      Year 4: Martial Arts

Year 5: Fencing                                     Year 5: Dance     

Year 6: Dance                                       Year 6: Martial Arts           


Spring Term Home Learning Links

Extend your PE lessons at home with these activities!

Year 1 Athletics                                                          Year 1: Ball Skills

Year 2: Dance                                                            Year 2:Ball Skills

Year 3: Dance                                                            Year 3: Gymnastics

Year 4: Cricket (link below)                                        Year 4 Gymnastics

Year 5: Athletics: Indoor Challenges                          Year 5: Kicking and Dribbling

Year 6: Gymnastics: Balances, jumps, rolling and  travelling     Y6: Orienteering

Chance to Shine Live Cricket Coaching for all ages Wednesdays at 2pm

Autumn Home Learning Links

Extend your PE lessons at home with these activities!

Year 1:  Dance: Knight, Castles and Dragons                                 Gymnastics: Shapes, rolls, movement and jumps

Year 2: Gymnastics: Shapes, rolls, movement and jumps              Athletics: Indoor Challenges

Year 3: Throwing and Catching                                                       Athletics: Indoor Challenges

Year 4: Kicking and Dribbling                                                           Athletics: Indoor Challenges

Year 5: Dance: Wonders of the World                                             Gymnastics: Balances, jumps, rolling and  travelling.     

Year 6: Gymnastics: Balances, jumps, rolling and  travelling.          Athletics: Indoor Challenges


Please see the bottom of the page for the National Curriculum and St Augustines' Long Term Plan for PE 2020/ 2021. 

ASM lessons at St Augustine's 

ASM coaches are helping the Early Years children to learn lots of new skills to help with their co-ordination and team work!

This year the staff and children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two are working hard to improve their dance and /or athletic skills with the help of specialists coaches from ASM.

ASM have also developed their very own you-tube channel to support home learners. Click and take a look!

Don't you think we are doing wonderfully? 


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