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St. Augustine's is proud to be an 'in harmony' School

 Working in partnership to provide an inspiring experience of Music within our school.  

For many years, St. Augustine's has been forming bonds within the world of Music. City Music Service have worked with teachers to inspire and motivate pupils musically which has been a huge success and resulted in performance opportunities that have been incredible. However, this year, City Music Service and St.Augustine's moved their bond forward and formed a music partnership that is unique, awe-inspiring and one of a kind. We joined the 'in harmony' project and became an 'in harmony' school. A feat that together, we could not be prouder of. 

We have had an amazing start in the launch of our 'in harmony' project. We now have an entire team of experts helping us to deliver an incredible experience for our pupils. Teachers and children in all classes throughout our school are learning a musical instrument of their own and are immersed in a vocational journey that enables our staff and talented children to express themselves fully.

Through a range of musical experiences children are encouraged to grow in confidence and are given opportunities to explore, discover and develop their technical skills. Our practical music lesson are accessible by all and challenging to children who are more musically developed.

We have a range of professional music teachers that join us in school to teach specialist instruments and singing. Each class learning specialist instruments or singing takes part as in live performances every term.  

Specialist Music provision for each class:


Foundation Stage - Sound Pots (starting in Summer 1)  

Y1 - Song Birds            

Y2 - Percussion               

Y3 - Strings                

Y4 - Brass 

Y5 - Woodwind                      

Y6 - Strings   

KS2 Orchestra - Year 4, 5, 6 

KS1 Orchestra - Year 2 and 3  


Music lessons are timetabled twice for years 2-6 on a weekly basis providing time for learning and developing in their specialist area and then developing their skills as part of an ensemble. 

Pupils’ understanding of music will be developed through activities which bring together the requirements of performing, composing, listening and appraising in order to meet the expectations of the national curriculum and beyond. Children are taught to recognise the musical elements of:

  • Duration
  • Dynamics
  • Pitch
  • Tempo
  • Timbre
  • Texture

City Music Service and In Harmony 

Harriet and Ben from City Music Service are valuable members of our Musical team and have worked alongside teacher and children for many years. 

See what they said about the project: 


"Music has always been at the heart of life at St Augustine’s. The school is often filled with the sound of children singing and playing their instruments. For many years pupils have had the opportunity to perform at The Victoria Hall in Hanley with various ensembles and choirs. There is a long history of St Augustine’s nourishing the musical and creative lives of its pupils and producing excellent instrumentalists and singers.

The new In Harmony project aims to put music at the heart of the community and with every child in school now receiving specialist weekly tuition, the musical community at St Augustine’s is now strengthening more than ever."



For more information on the City Music Service see -

For more information on the 'In harmony' project see:

Spring Term Music 

Music remains an important part of our curriculum and a wonderful way that our children are able to express themselves  during this time. Our 'in harmony' partnership and professionals are ensuring that live lessons are taking place for every class in school and all of our children at home. See what we have been getting up to below. 

Our Virtual Performances

Within a term, we are creating our own musical masterpieces. Please click on the image below to see our virtual orchestra in action. 

Charanga Music School

At St. Augustine's we also use Charanga Music School. This offers a scheme that provides a range of musical learning that caters for the needs of all children and provides full coverage of the National curriculum

Through the use of Charanga Music School, Children are supported in their understanding of musical notation and compose and create music together. They are also be taught to sing and play using the correct timing, sound and pace. Graphically and symbolically they learn to represent music sounds that also identifies the length of notation.

 National Curriculum Music.pdfDownload
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Learning together with your child

City Music Service who provide teaching of violins, recorders and song birds in school now have a Youtube Channel that offers loads of great songs to learn and guidance on certain musical instruments. 

Find this here:


Charanga Music School Home Learning - Charanga YUMU

For the best home learning experience visit Charanga and help your child log in to complete the set unit of work. 

Each child has received their Charanga log in through Purple Mash 2 Email. 

Foundation Stage (Nursery/ Reception) have received their Charanga Log in through the School email to parents. 

Charanga is a resource that the school uses to help with the provision of Music and has been highly regarded by experts as being a fantastic music experience that caters for the Music curriculum. 

Charanga YUMU is an area for children to log into and complete different musical tasks appropriate for their age group. Follow the link below to log in. It's great fun!

Click here to log into Charanga YUMU


Other Resources 

Year 1 - Untuned Instruments and timing

Click here for Untuned Instruments activities. 

Click here for beat activities. 

Year 2 - Singing songs

Click here for singing activities.

Click here for other singing activities.

Click here for beat activities. 

Year 3 - The History of Music 

Click here to learn about different composers from history.

Click here to find out about Musical Trailblazers through history. 

Click here for 20th Century History of Music PowerPoint for creating a poster. 

Year 4 - Compose 

Click here to find out what composition means. 

Click here to find out about different composers.

Click here for Making Music activity pack. 

Year 5 - Improvise and Compose 

Click here to learn about notation. 

Click here to learn about musical notes. 

Click here for a notation composition activity.

Year 6 - Play and Perform

Click here to learn about musical notes. 

Click here for a film soundtrack activity. 

Click here to learn about musical performance. 



Click here for a range of musical games for all classes. 

Click here for a range of musical learning that can be accessed by all KS1. 

Click here for a range of musical learning that can be accessed by all KS2.

Click here to watch performances of different Orchestras.



 City Music Service Home Learning Links.docxDownload
 Music Long Term Plan 2019 2020 with Home Learning links.docxDownload
 Music Policy 2019 2020.docxDownload
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