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At St.Augustine’s Catholic Academy we aim to offer an enjoyable experience through the teaching of music that inspires and motivates children within their learning. Through a range of musical experiences children are encouraged to grow in confidence and will be given opportunities to explore, discover and develop their technical skills. They will develop through the provision of practical music lesson that are accessible by all, and challenging to children who are more musically developed.

Within our school, music is also a way of celebrating our faith and deepening our relationship with God through prayer, reflection, praise and celebration. 

Music lessons are timetabled for each class on a weekly basis. This involves both whole class and small group activities.

Pupils’ understanding of music will be developed through activities which bring together the requirements of performing, composing, listening and appraising in order to meet the expectations of the national curriculum. Children are taught to recognise the musical elements of:


  • Duration
  • Dynamics
  • Pitch
  • Tempo
  • Timbre
  • Texture

 Charanga Music School

At St. Augustine's we use Charanga Music School. This offers a scheme that provides a range of musical learning that caters for the needs of all children and provides full coverage of the National curriculum

Through the use of Charanga Music School Children will be taught to understand musical notation and compose and create music together. They will also be taught to sing and play using the correct timing, sound and pace. Graphically and symbolically they will learn to represent music sounds that also identifies the length of notation.

City Music Service

We have a range of professional music teachers that join us in school to teach specialist instruments and singing. Each class learning specialist instruments or singing takes part as in a live performance later in the year. 


Specialist Music teachers:

Y2 - Song Birds               Performance: Song Birds 

Y3 - Recorders                Performance: Recorder festival 

Y5 - Violins                      Performance: Halle Come and Play

Y6 - Specialist Violins      Performance: City Music Orchestra


St Augustine's have also been specially selected to represent Stoke in the Big Sing at Symphony Hall.


For more information on the City Music Service see -

Music Resources for Schools and Parents


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