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MFL - Modern Foreign Languages


Key Stage Two


At the moment, children in Key Stage 2 are studying Spanish. They are currently accessing MFL sessions with a specialist Spanish teacher from St. Thomas More. Children are learning to read and write words and phrases in Spanish and some are able to have a short conversation as well as some basic greetings. 

Some useful websites for the children to access are listed below.

Children are taking part in MFL sessions so that they will be more prepared when they start at high school and will be able to speak or have some understanding of another language. 


Key Stage 1 and Early Years


Bonjour! We have lots of fun learning French in foundation stage and KS1.


We have learnt French greetings like: 

  • Bonjour (Hello)
  • Comment ça va? (How are you?)
  • Comment t'appelle tu? (What’s your name?)
  • Quelle âge a tu? (How old are you?)
  • Tu habite ou? (Where do you live?)

Our fabulous children know lots of French songs including: 

Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes


And we play a game called, Madame Knapper dit (Mrs Knapper says) that teaches the children body parts in French.

For example,

Madame Knapper dit, “Touche la tete”. (Mrs Knapper says, “Touch your head”)

We are also learning colours, numbers, foods and directions.

En fait nous sommes formidable, sans dout.