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At St Augustine's, we hope to inspire our children to have a curiosity and fascination with the world  that will stay with them throughout their lives. 

The youngest children will be encouraged to explore the world around them;  to experience, to ask questions and to make observations within the school and locality. They will take part in all aspects of life within the school community, and the  celebrations that join us to national and worldwide communities . This will enable them to gain a sense of their place in the world.

As the children get older they will develop a greater understanding of how humans interact with and change their environment, and how the Earth’s features are shaped over time.

They will develop their skills in:

  • collecting and analysing data
  • interpreting and using maps and photographs
  • communicating  their findings to other people

They will be encouraged to ask their own geographical questions, and use their skills to collect the evidence needed to answer them. 

Links to our curriculum learning for the Spring term

Year 1: Seasons

Year 2: Continents

Year 3: Compass directions

Year 4: Scandinavia

Year 5: British Empire


Links to our curriculum learning for the Summer term 

Year 1: Mapping: Our houses and homes  

Year 2: St Lucia - an island in the Caribbean

Year 3: Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Year 4: Great rivers and mountains

Year 5: Transport and land use in Stoke on Trent

Year 6: Cold climates


For all of the above topics you can find fantastic maps and aerial photographs on the digimap website.

To access the resources, click on the link and just type in the school's postcode: ST3 7DZ 

This enables pupils to use ordnance survey maps to focus on the area that they want to view. They can zoom into the map, and see aerial photographs as well as maps from the 1950s and 1890s. 

Digimap have set some fun  home learning activities to get you started. Here is the list, below.