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Y6 English and Maths

In Year 6, mathematics is assessed via three Statutory Assessment Tests (click here for more information), which focus heavily on the pupils' ability to reason and to problem solve.  It is vitally important that they are able to use and apply their mathematical skills.  Some of the ways that you can help them with this is by:

  • Asking them to help you with the weekly shop - eg. which product offers the best value for money and how they know;
  • Providing them with problems to do with shape and measure - eg: if you are decorating, ask them to help you to calculate the perimeter / area of a room and to work out how much carpet or wallpaper is needed;
  • Cooking / baking with them - eg: lots of recipes involve ratio.  Challenge your children to scale quantities up or down.

In Year 6, English is assessed via statutory assessments for ESPG (English Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and for reading (click the link above for additional information).  You can help your child with reading by:

  • Listening to them read a minimum of five times per week;
  • Asking them questions about their reading book, particularly with relation to inference-based questions such as 'why' or 'how';
  • Encouraging children to read a range of genres - eg: fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines.

You can help your child with ESPG by:

  • Asking them to check their spellings and punctuation when completing written pieces of work;
  • Encouraging them to practice their spellings each week;
  • Exposing children to a wide range of vocabulary, ie. through reading more frequently.

In Year 6, writing is assessed via teacher assessment and covers a wide range of genres (different styles).  You can help your child by:

  • Encouraging your child to write as much as possible about any topic;
  • Reading more (the more children, the greater their imagination for written tasks);
  • Checking your child's writing with them;
  • Encouraging them to edit and improve their work.

Link to the Y6 homepage.