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Year 4 Class Work

Greek Comedy and Tragedy Masks

The children have looked at Greek comedy and tragedy mask, they have then used paper mache to create their own mask, they have built up areas like the nose and eye brows using tissue paper. Below are some of the masks in progress. Check back in the next couple of weeks for the finished masks. 

Greek Odes

As part of our Ancient Greek topic, children have looked at Greek Odes. Children had the opportunity to write an ode and then redraft these using the computers. Children really enjoyed writing these, as they found it very funny about how you had to address the item.

Please see some of the Greek Odes below. 

St. Thomas More Retreat

Year 4 joined the other schools in the MAC at St. Thomas More for a Retreat day. The children explored the stations of the cross and what Lent meant to them. The children enjoyed the activities and it gave them an opportunity to reflect. 

Temple Building 

Year 4 have been using their DT skills to create temples. Each group was told that they could only use 10 sheets of A4 paper and masking tape. We looked at the engineering side of what would make a successful temple, looking at the columns in particular. After building the temples, we tested how stable the temple was by adding weights to it, to see if it collapsed.  Please see below for some images related to the temple building. 

Gladstone Pottery Museum

Year 4 recently went on a trip to Gladstone Pottery Museum. The children had lots of fun and learnt about what it used to be like to work in the pottery industry and how Stoke-on-Trent has changed. They had the opportunity to explore a working factory, see inside a bottle oven and had the chance to paint a plate in the style of Clarice Cliff.

Please see the images below to see our designs.