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Collective Worship and Prayer

Gospel Liturgy, Wednesday Word and Friday Faithful 

Collective worship is a special time where we gather to deepen our connection with God. Each of our liturgies are carefully structured and allow our children time to Gather, Listen, Respond and Go Forth . 

Our Gospel Liturgy 

At the beginning of each week, we gather as a school family to reflect upon the Sunday Gospel. 

Wednesday Word 

Children in years 4, 5 and 6 share in Thankful Thursday Liturgies at school. We share in time together which allows us to respond to God's word and look forward to the Sunday Gospel with a deeper and richer understanding. The Wednesday Word is shared with families to support further exploration of God's word at home.

Friday Faithful 

Children in our Early Years, Year 1, 2 & 3 share in Friday Faithful Liturgies. They will complete an activity that links to this to support them in deepening their understanding of the coming Sunday Gospel  

Our Key Stage Liturgies always have a key word for the children to focus their thoughts and feeling upon. We are also devoted to finding a range of creative ways to share God's word. These include:  Listening to world news, readings from the bible, listening to psalms, listening to prayers, sharing a story or a hymn, acting out the Gospel and more. 

Pupil Leadership and Class Liturgies 

Our children are inspirational leaders in faith at St. Augustine's. During collective worship children are always eager to support by reading and leading sections of the whole school and key stage liturgies. 

Each class has two spiritual leaders that plan and lead a Class Liturgy each week. They often focus their Class Liturgies on the Liturgical Calendar, important Feast days and a range of different Saints. Sometimes the children may decide to plan their liturgies based on an aspect of their RE learning that they would like to develop spiritually. 

Our spiritual leaders are also focused on supporting other members of their class to help lead liturgies. They will select a small team to help create their Liturgies each week. 

The planner below is a platform that the leaders and their teams use to plan class liturgies that offer a range of ways to share God's message with our community. They also have access to other planners that provide a step by step break down of what an immersive liturgy experience should include. 

Examples of Liturgy Sections


Play music, sit in a certain way, lighting a range of candles, looking at a thought provoking picture, artefact or resource and more.


Readings from the bible, Listening to world news, listening to psalms, listening to prayers, sharing a story or a hymn, acting out the Gospel and more. 


Write a post-it, write a prayer, activity E.G. art, open prayer, pass the candle and more. 

Go Forth

Take something home, complete a special weekly challenge, remember something and more. 

Sharing in Collective Worship with our Family

The Wednesday Word is offered to all families as a weekly family time together.  

Wednesday Word Family Time presents an opportunity for even the busiest of parents to enrich relationships with their children through spending a very special time together each week.

Every Wednesday a ‘word’, inspired by the coming Sunday’s Gospel, will be suggested for families to talk about in the home. We have structured The Wednesday Word around the Sunday Gospel, because evidence shows that Gospel values really do help family relationships to thrive.

The Wednesday Word Family Time leaflet is designed in a family friendly fashion to ensure that all family members feel included. It aims to be informative, enjoyable, and to help families maintain a special closeness throughout the school years.

Please use the following link for any further information or downloads : 

Click here to visit the Wednesday Word Website