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MAC Competitions 2020/2021

In order to continue to compete and practise the qualities of sportsmanship, this year we will take part in a range of virtual competitions with our MAC primary schools.


Our first event  was a Bootcamp challenge involving Year 3 and Year 4. How many Jumping Jacks in a minute? How many accurate shots can you get on target? Aswell as a fastest feet ladder hopping event! Well -done to all for taking part! We were even able to secure some MAC champions!

Alphonsina in Year 4: Faster Feet overall winner

Thomas in Year 4: Target overall winner


Virtual Sports Day  15th July 2020


On Wednesday 15th July  we invited  our whole school community to take part in a ‘Virtual Sports Day’.  The response to this event was fantastic; a huge thank you to all that took part and to ASM for providing  our children with this opportunity. 

Click the link the see demonstrations of the activities we completed as part of our Sports Day 2020! 


Virtual Sports Day Class champions 2020



Home Learner

On Site Learner





Nicole M


Year 1


Adam and Oliver W

Year 2



Year 3

Thomas and George

Alphonsina and Emilia

Year 4

Megan and Connor


Year 5



Year 6




  Take a look at our Sports Day with a difference!

MAC Events


Our Early Years children went to St Thomas More to take part in  multi-skills activities alongside other MAC schools. We are so proud of their confidence!

March 2020 Victoria Hall Dance Extravaganza 

Year 6 were truly amazing performing their World War II theatrical dance at this showcase in front of thousands of spectators.