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Class Work


World Book Day 2017

On Thursday 2nd March, we celebrated World Book Day. During the day, Year 5 visited Foundation Stage 2 and the children spent some time reading to the younger children. The children seemed to enjoy it and there were lots of smiles. Please see below for some of the photographs from the day. 

Year 5 - Debates

For the past couple of weeks, in English, we have been looking at persuasive writing, especially argument texts and debates.

Children were taught some of the rules of debating and were given the opportunity to plan out their points to support or oppose the motion. They then took part in a debate. 

Children had to put forward and explain their point of view to the rest of the class. Children had the opportunity to ask questions relating to that point.  

Three children even volunteered to 'chair' the debate.

Please see below for photographs from the debate lesson. 

Mysteries of the Rosary

Before half term, Year 5 and 6 were asked to reflect on the ‘Mysteries of light’ (the luminous mysteries) which are one of the mysteries of the Rosary.  

This Mystery is made up of:

1.       The Baptism of the Lord

2.       The wedding of Cana

3.       The proclamation of the Kingdom

4.       The transfiguration

5.       The institution of the Eucharist

Children produced some artwork based on one of the above Mysteries and wrote either a short reflection or a prayer based on the how they view that Mystery.

See the photos below to see the artwork that they produced. 

Topic work with Mrs Campion

Last term, Year 5 produced some excellent Ancient Greek pots during topic lessons. 

Take a look at the photographs below showing the work in progress and the final pieces, I am sure you will be very impressed with all their hard work!


Art work in progress

Final pieces